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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for the Sport Diver

The Westfield Travel Insurance Scheme automatically covers your SPORT DIVING risks whilst on holiday and even includes TRAVEL insurance too, all within the same price.

You can be confident with our policy as we have been providing Sport Divers with insurance since 1972, and within this time we have been very careful in understanding and providing all the required cover for your requirements. In addition the Sub Aqua Association choose us for our insurance expertise for their members Travel Insurance needs.


We have No Depth Limit all we ask is that you must be diving within the current safety recommendations of the Insured Person's diving association. Therefore making our cover very comprehensive.


We include as Standard cover for Terrorism Risks and Hijack etc. (many insurers are starting to exclude this cover).


We are also mindful that these days a lot of people are arranging their own holidays when it comes to flights, Accommodation and pre booked excursions such as dive trips, therefore our policy provides you with cover whether booked via a travel/tour operator or via your own means.

Travel Insurance

Our policy provides very high levels of cover for diving including:

COVER Maximum Cover Limit Policy Excess
Medical Expenses inclusive of:- Up To £5 Million £50.00
• Air Ambulance
• Hyperbaric Chamber
• Repatriation
• Sea Ambulance/Rescue
Personal Liability Up To £2 Million NIL Excess
Personal Accident Up To £ 25,000.00 NIL Excess
Loss of Diving Days (Injury or Illness while on holiday) Up To £ 200.00 NIL Excess
Hire Of Dive Kit (Temporary Loss by carrier) Up To £160.00 NIL Excess
Cancellation Up To £ 3,000.00 per person £50.00
Curtailment Up To £ 3,000.00 per person £50.00
Journey Continuation Up To £ 500.00 per person £50.00
Journey Delay Up To £ 150.00 per person NIL Excess
Hospital Benefit Up To £ 1,000.00 per person NIL Excess
Personal Baggage (Inc. Dive Equipment NOT IN USE) Up To £ 2,000.00 per person (£300 any one item) £50.00
Delayed Baggage Up To £ 150.00 per person NIL Excess
Personal Money inc. Documents & Passports Up To £ 750.00 per person (£250 Limit On Cash) £50.00
Legal Expenses Up To £ 25,000.00 NIL Excess

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COVID-19 UPDATE 4th Aug 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE 16th Mar 2020

The above summary does not contain the full terms and conditions of the contract, which can be found in the certificate. The summary does not form part of your contract of insurance.

The SAA choose us for our Insurance expertise!

Before making your final Travel Insurance Choice read what our market research has revealed about many Travel Insurance Policies.  Click Here.

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Pre-existing medical conditions:


The Money and Pensions Service has launched a travel insurance directory for people with serious  pre-existing medical conditions (PEMCs) on its Money Advice Service website.


If you’re looking for travel insurance and have a PEMC you may wish to visit the above website in order to find alternatives.


However, please be mindful that although they may cover you for a PEMC they will have many other terms and conditions in their policy which are different from ours at Westfield, and therefore may not adequately cover you for your Scuba Diving risk.


Our PEMC clauses are:


      The Underwriters shall not be liable to pay any claims or expenses arising directly or indirectly from any medical condition of the Insured Person for which medical advice, treatment, care or monitoring has been given by a Medical Practitioner or hospital during the 12 months prior to:-


(i)  In respect of Single Trip Travel Insurance:


Booking the trip or the Date of Issue of this Certificate, whichever is the later.


(ii)  In respect of Multi Trip Travel Insurance:


The commencement of the Period of Insurance, or the date of booking any trip covered by this Certificate, whichever is the later.


However, if this Insurance is a renewal to Westfield Sub Aqua & Marine Insurance Services Limited in accordance with the authorisation granted herein, this exclusion shall not apply to the Cancellation of any trip booked during the preceding Period of Insurance.


 This exclusion shall not apply to any medical condition for which the Insured Person takes regular continuing medication provided that there has been no change in the type, frequency or quantity of drugs within the last 12 months.  However, no claims or expenses relating to such condition will be admitted hereunder in the event of the Insured Person’s failure to take such drugs in accordance with the medical advice given.


The Underwriters shall not be liable to pay any claim arising out of any condition caused by, prolonged by, or aggravated by any psychiatric, mental or nervous disorder of the Insured Person, including anxiety, stress, depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder.



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